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  • Tom Ward
    Tom Ward Trainer

    Tom started training in 2009 and was trained by his brother Sam in different fight styles such as K1, Mauy Thai and Boxing. He also trained at the Roger Gracie Academy in which he learnt the art of Jiu Jitsu. It wasn’t long till Tom started fighting on a professional level and in 2012 he went on to win K1 Welterweight IKF Title at Seni Marshal Arts show and was presented with his Title by Remy Bonjasky. Later that Year Tom joined the Minotaur’s Gym run by Chris Knowles later to become The Knowlesy Academy where he concentrated on K1 and Mauy Thai perfecting his techniques and skills. During this time, Tom played an important role and became one of Sam’s main trainers and coaches.

    Tom’s dedication to training and his ability to pick up techniques quickly and accurately has made him into a strong coach and trainer. Tom’s passion for teaching also has lead him to be a qualified personal trainer. Using his knowledge and experiences, he trained his brother who went on to become a European title holder and even today Tom is actively coaching and producing top quality professional fighters as well as ensuring that everyone enjoys the gyms classes and are reaching their true potential.

  • Sam Ward
    Sam Ward Trainer

    Sam Ward started his fight career training at the Bullring Gym in Tring run by Ashley Getting’s in 2007. It soon became apparent that Sam wanted to take the training to a different level and within the first year had his first boxing fight. After several boxing fights and gaining experience in the ring Sam went onto professionally fight in styles of K1 and MMA. In 2007 Sam started training his brother and it wasn’t long before both brothers were well known fighters on the fighting circuit.

    Sam also trained at the Roger Gracie Academy and the Knowlesy Academy along with his brother building on his techniques and experience. With Tom, as being one of his main coaches Sam went on to win ISKA English and British Light Welterweight Titles in K1, IKF Welterweight K1 Title and Golden Belt Light Welterweight K1 European Champion.

    Today, Sam enjoys coaching and training with his brother Tom, ensuring that gym members push the boundaries and supports them in achieving their goals whether that goal is to get fit or to become a world class fighter.


  • Korron Nelson
    Korron Nelson

    Korron has been with the Ward Brothers Gym for 2 years. Korron demonstrated natural ability and by learning techniques and how to use his strengths to his advantage, Koran has become an explosive fighter who puts a lot of pressure on his opponents.

  • Kyle (Turkish) Mustafa
    Kyle (Turkish) Mustafa

    Kyle has successfully competed in many interclubs building his techniques and experience and had his debut professional fight in October 2016. His aggressive style and long reach makes him one to watch in the future.

  • Jamie (The Bear) Stonebank
    Jamie (The Bear) Stonebank

    Jamie is an exceptionally strong fighter who is not afraid to put in the hard work, dropping 10KG in his first year of training. Jamie’s Fight style put’s his opponents under constant pressure using his strong low kicks and heavy hands to intimidate his opponents.

  • James Hill
    James Hill

    James started his career in Kick Boxing building up a strong reputation on the Kick boxing circuit. Using his skills and experience James decided to try his hand a Mauy Thai and by using his long reach to connect with his opponents and his unique style and movement, he is an evasive fighter which his opponents will find frustrating making his fights deadly.

  • Michael (Shifty) Back
    Michael (Shifty) Back

    Mike fought boxing for Ward Brothers, he is a very defensive fighter with a lot of potential.

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