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“It’s the gym’s members who make it a great place to train, achieve and have fun!”

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Tom and Sam Ward are well known successful professional fighters on the Mauy Thai Boxing circuit. Both brothers have a passion for not only fighting but fitness and healthy living.

They have competed in an array of mixed martial arts such as muay thai,Boxing, Kick Boxing, K1, MMA and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Using their knowledge, skills and first-hand experience they have built The Ward Brothers Mauy Thai Gym which was founded in July 2013.

The Gym has gone from strength to strength and with the dedication and support from head coaches Tom and Sam Ward, The Ward Brothers Mauy Thai Gym has produced some top-quality male and female fighters.

The gym offers several different classes for all levels of fitness, and by combining traditional Mauy Thai techniques alongside unique training styles, you will be able to achieve all goals set and maybe go onto fighting in an interclub which will give you a taste on what it’s like to fight in the ring.

What makes this gym different from others is the people. It’s the gyms members who make it a great place to train, achieve and have fun!

So, if you want to fight professionally, or just to improve your fitness and health and have some fun along the way, come along and see for yourself and meet the team.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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