Badr Hari vs Remy Bonjasky

Badr Hari and Remy Bonjasky first met in K-1 in the 2007 Grand Prix. Hari didn’t let Bonjasky back out of range the whole 3 rounds without sending him a head kick to keep him on his toes. The amount of leg kicks thrown on both sides was ear deafening. Bonjasky kept his gloves pinned to his forehead, hardly giving Hari an inch of striking room the whole bout. Many of the commentators thought that the only way to get a clear cut decision was to let the fight go the extra round. It was hard fought on both sides, but Bonjasky surprisingly got the majority decision win. This was definitely a tough pill to swallow for Badr Hari and his camp. The following year, the two would meet again to settle the score in the Grand Prix Final.