Tom WardTrainer

    Tom started training in 2009 and was trained by his brother Sam in different fight styles such as K1, Mauy Thai and Boxing. He also trained at the Roger Gracie Academy in which he learnt the art of Jiu Jitsu. It wasn’t long till Tom started fighting on a professional level and in 2012 he went on to win K1 Welterweight IKF Title at Seni Marshal Arts show and was presented with his Title by Remy Bonjasky. Later that Year Tom joined the Minotaur’s Gym run by Chris Knowles later to become The Knowlesy Academy where he concentrated on K1 and Mauy Thai perfecting his techniques and skills. During this time, Tom played an important role and became one of Sam’s main trainers and coaches.

    Tom’s dedication to training and his ability to pick up techniques quickly and accurately has made him into a strong coach and trainer. Tom’s passion for teaching also has lead him to be a qualified personal trainer. Using his knowledge and experiences, he trained his brother who went on to become a European title holder and even today Tom is actively coaching and producing top quality professional fighters as well as ensuring that everyone enjoys the gyms classes and are reaching their true potential.